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Someone come fuck me.

H a a aa

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The story behind Tsyra’s success with collecting herbes

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I’m just a whole lot of “Fuck you” rn

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unfinished poop from the stream.

it’s been too long since i’ve properly drawn anything ):

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» I’m home.

I might go get a pitcher of margarita and say fuck it to class tomorrow. And drink at lunch time. And say fuckit again to class.

oh, brave knight!

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A good bass player is like a good friend, acting as the social glue that keeps the group in harmony. Bass guitar bridges the rhythm and melodic sections of the band, so the musician needs a keen ear and good listening skills. Twyla has all of the above in spades! She may not want to be a solo act, but with her Femur-brand bass and amp (and a little convincing from Howleen to be part of the all-underclassmonster rhythm section) Twyla is a valuable addition to any musical group lucky enough to have her. However, Twyla is at her happiest playing private jam sessions with a small number of close friends.

This is the fifth and final Musical Monster High fanart before I take my hiatus from Monster High Fridays (I will still be posting fanart of MH and other properties, but on my own schedule for a while). Check out the four previous Musical Monster High pictures: Operetta and Johnny Spirit’s Les Paul guitar, Frankie Stein’s electric banjo, Abbey Bominable’s icy sousaphone, and Howleen and the Clawograms’ drum kit!

Previous Monster High Fridays:

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MHF2: Zoombies Slow Moe & Don of the Dead

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MHF9: Frankie Stein Dress Design

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MHF11: Operetta, Johnny Spirit, and Les Paul

MHF12: Frankie Stein’s Electric Banjo

MHF13: Abbey Bominable’s icy sousaphone

MHF14: Howleen Wolf’s drum kit

I Was A Teenage Monster High Comic, a five page fan comic

You can also find this and all of my other Monster High illustrations on my DeviantArt gallery, in the Monster High folder!

Yay Twyla! It’s always great to see more of her, and this is a wonderful picture. Plus, your insights on the characters are great. I really look forward to seeing whatever you have planned for the ghouls in the future. Thank you so much! 

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Lady Amherst’s Pheasant